Introducing AirCare Hand Sanitizer from Mendit Chemical & ECT

AirCare Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer from ECT - Hydramotion's Sister Company

ECT’s alcohol based hand sanitizer also contains Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK, or BAC), a quaternary germicide, which is the primary ingredient in non-alcohol based hand sanitizers. Our formulation will allow for longer lasting protection in addition to all the traditional protection received from alcohol based hand sanitizers!

AirCare Hand Sanitizers Key Features and Benefits

Quick and Easy Protection.
70% Alcohol by Volume.
Contains BZK for Long Lasting Protection.
Meets FDA Guidelines for a 99.99% Germ Kill.
Contains NO Methanol.

At HydraMotion our manufacturing and design philosophy is to maximize cleaning efficiency, reduce on-site time and minimize the total cost of using our SideWinder product line.

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